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                  Create an international chemical new material innovation center!


                  Abstract: The Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd. will focus on building the science and technology innovation center of Shanghai International Chemical and Chemical Co., Ltd., and strive to become the best platform for attracting the first-class chemical science and technology personnel at home and abroad.

                  On the morning of September 28, the reporter learned from the construction of the New Material Innovation Center of Shanghai International Chemical Industry, that the Shanghai Chemical Industry Area will focus on building the new science and technology innovation center of Shanghai International Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., and strive to become the best platform for attracting the first-class chemical science and technology innovation personnel at home and abroad.

                  A busy chemical district in Shanghai.

                  The chemical industry is an important part of Shanghai's real economy, and the new chemical material is an important direction of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional chemical industry. Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, as an important bearing area of Shanghai chemical industry, has formed unique advantages in industrial system, safety and environmental protection, supporting facilities, technical personnel and so on after more than 20 years of development and construction. It has laid a solid foundation for undertaking the innovation task in the field of new chemical materials. At present, the new Shanghai International Chemical Industry material Innovation Center in Shanghai Chemical Industry District will take Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone as the core, forming the development pattern of Northern Union Urban area, Western Union Jinshan City, Donglian Fengxian City, forming the development pattern of factor agglomeration, opening up and co-construction, and the integration of production and city. At the same time, Shanghai Chemical Industry District will work together with well-known universities, scientific research institutions, key enterprises and surrounding regions to set up innovation alliance to build an ecosystem of "government, production, learning, research, use, capital" collaborative innovation. Jointly promote the construction of Shanghai International Chemical New material Innovation Center.

                  According to the plan, the reporter saw that the new "Chemical new material innovation base" planning area in the Shanghai chemical industry area is 2.2 square kilometers, which is divided into the three main sectors, such as the research and development, the transformation of the results, the three plates of the science and technology service, the centralized "R & D experiment, scientific research and incubation, pilot scale amplification, science and technology exhibition, education training, business office, ecological leisure" and the like. The director of the Shanghai Chemical Industry District told reporters that the base will build three platforms of transformation service, pilot-scale innovation and professional incubation. The transformation service platform will adopt the mode of government guidance, multi-party participation and market-oriented operation, and provide specialized and open scientific research results conversion service; the pilot-scale innovation platform will aim at the key field and key technology, and focus on the construction of a number of specialized functional pilot scale platforms and common technology platforms, Promote the scale-up of pilot scale and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements; the professional incubation platform will integrate social capital and professional institutions, and support the rapid growth of the innovative and innovative projects of chemical new materials.

                  "you know, many pilot tests will not create economic benefits. The focus of innovation in the chemical district is on the pilot test, which reflects the determination and courage of the chemical district. " According to the person in charge of Shanghai Chemical District, for example, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is the fiber with the highest specific strength and bulletproof properties among the industrial fiber materials, and has been widely used in national defense quartermaster equipment and aerospace composites. Communication optical cable and other products. At present, the annual consumption growth rate of UHMWPE fiber in China is more than 30%. The pilot test platform of high performance fiber materials will lay a solid foundation for the localization of high end UHMWPE fiber special resins, complete sets of preparation technology, equipment and raw materials in China. The pilot platform of graphene materials can simplify the process to the greatest extent, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, environmental pollution and production cost, and promote graphene materials in environmental treatment, new energy vehicles, rail transit. The application of wisdom and health.

                  In the future, the Shanghai International Chemical New Materials Science and Technology Innovation Center will build an open innovation research and development support system, plan a pilot transformation base for multi-party cooperation, explore market-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship incubators, and promote regional linkage and environmental optimization. The reform broke through the implementation of five key tasks, such as striving for innovative policy support, and built Shanghai into an important industrial bearing area and innovation source of new chemical materials in China. By 2020, the functional area layout of Shanghai International Chemical New material Innovation Center will be basically determined, and the cooperative innovation mechanism of government, industry, university and research will be initially formed, and a number of incubation platforms, pilot platforms and other innovation carriers will be built. By 2025, the Shanghai International Chemical New material Innovation Center will be initially completed, the transformation system of innovation achievements will be basically improved, the degree of concentration of innovation resources will be obviously enhanced, and the international influence of innovation achievements will be preliminarily reflected. By 2035, the Shanghai International Chemical New material Innovation Center will be completed in an all-round way. Gather a number of domestic and foreign industry innovation leaders, bring together a number of scientific research institutions with international influence, form a number of international leading innovation achievements, and transform a number of independent intellectual property innovation products. Incubate a number of high-end chemical new material projects and enterprises.

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