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                  Drilling profile control and water shutoff agent


                  C1500 series (emulsion)

                   C1000 series (powder) 

                  white water recovery, sewage flocculant, sludge dehydrating agent C1500 series (emulsion) and C1000 series (powder) are a kind of cationic polymer flocculant. It has excellent performance in the treatment of high suspended matter wastewater and excellent performance in white water recovery and treatment of papermaking. At the same time, it can strengthen the dewatering performance of sludge and make the water easier to separate. The product has the advantages of good agglomeration with contaminated mud, large flocculation and extrusion resistance and shearing resistance, easy peeling of mud cake, low moisture content, low dosage, saving the amount of medicine used, greatly reducing the treatment cost, and the comprehensive performance reaches the level of the same kind of foreign products.

                   [product characteristics] 

                  (1) less dosage, excellent flocculation ability, high performance-price ratio; 

                  (2) high effective content of the product, easy to use;

                   (3) floc compact and strong, less slag, easier to dehydrate; 

                  (4) the variety specification is complete, the adaptation scope is wide. [product Morphology] Powder Emulsion [Product Molecular structure] Linear High Molecular structure Branch High Molecular structure comb Molecular structure 

                  [usage method] 

                  (1) neutral salt-free and miscellaneous before use The quality of clean and warm water is prepared into dilute solution;

                  (2) when dissolving, it should be stirred at low speed, the speed should be 80~100RPM, do not stir strongly to prevent chain breaking and affect the efficiency; 

                  (3) dilute solution should be used as needed and should not be stored for too long;

                  (4) the solution should avoid the fierce stirring site in order to create good conditions for flocculation and sedimentation, and

                  (5) the flocculant should be uniform and uninterrupted. 

                  [matters needing attention] 

                  (1) the process situation of each factory is different, the specific process should be adjusted through the sample; 

                  (2) our company has a perfect service and technical support system, welcome users to exchange calls and communicate information.

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